Sloan Redoubles Dat Funding

03 April 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has provided a $640,000 grant to support the development of Dat. Created by Max Ogden, and housed at U.S. Open Data, Dat makes it easy to create automated, reproducible data pipelines that sync. Sloan’s support will allow Dat to bring to scientific data the same automated, distributed workflows that Git brings to source code sharing. They’re funding three full-time positions for the next two years.

Dat is about more than scientific data—Sloan’s core support is about building its capacity in the sciences, but it will also improve Dat in ways that will serve open data generally.

One year ago, Sloan provided $260,000 in funding for Dat development, also focusing on scientific data use cases, which enabled the team to release an alpha version of Dat in August, and a beta version, due out imminently.

We’re all grateful to the Sloan Foundation for their support, and to Sloan’s Josh Greenberg for his guidance and forebearance, and look forward to two years of fruitful work.