CKAN Multisite RFPs

07 January 2015

We’ve published a pair of RFPs for our CKAN Multisite project, and we’re looking for bids on them. The goal of this project is to make it trivial to launch and manage data repositories. We’re doing that by containerizing CKAN and creating a deployment/management platform for those containers. Or, rather, we want to pay somebody (you?) to do that.

First, there’s the CKAN Content Export RFP. This is to address CKAN’s lack of a comprehensive export function, making it difficult to move data out of CKAN or between CKAN repositories. The solution to this will involve marrying CKAN’s metadata export functionality with its inherent data-hosting functionality to create an all-encompassing export function. Experience with CKAN is not required to accomplish this. Bids are due by Thursday, January 15.

Second, there’s the CKAN Docker Management Platform. This is to make it possible to deploy and manage CKAN instances, when each CKAN instance is within a Docker container. Realistically, this will probably involve wrapping a Docker management tool (Ansible, Project Atomic, Citadel, Panamax, Decking, Shipyard, etc.) in a site development framework (e.g., Django) to provide authentication, user management, etc. At least some CKAN experience is probably required, but not necessarily. Bids are due by January 23.

Bids need not be terribly formal—you just need to convince us that you are the right person or business for the job, that your work is worth your price, and that you can see a path to completion for the project. Contact us if you have any questions, need any clarification, or have any ideas.